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virtual & production studios.

In our fully equipped studios, everything is possible digitally and virtually. For example, events can be attended live by invited guests at other locations. Via our green screen, it is possible to record a message from any (virtual) location in the world. Webinars or online courses are also often recorded in our studios.


Together with a professional and experienced technical team, we have already produced many high-profile events, conferences, concerts and theatre shows in our studios.


Book your studio for:

  • green screen productions
  • livestreams
  • interviews
  • e-learning
  • talk shows
  • webinars
  • product launches

Ask one of the event managers about the possibilities and prices!

the green screen studio.

This studio is perfect for pitches, presentations and videos. Or actually for any situation; you want to have stood here once. The studio is completely furnished as a green room, so that any background you want can be projected here.

the interview studio.

A studio on one of the most special places in Amsterdam. From the boardroom on the 9th floor of B.3, you have a great view of the Amsterdam ring road, the Zuidas and Schiphol Airport. Ideal for recording a video message or an interview.

The starting point is 'bring your own device'. We provide lamps and two armchairs (or a sofa), you take care of the rest. If you have any other wishes, we are happy to think along with you.

the broadcast studio.

This room is set up as a complete turn-key live stream studio, equipped with all the technology, cameras and lights, and a crew to help you run a fully-fledged live stream production.

the one off studio.

The Wiechert is almost 1,000 m2 and can also be used perfectly for digital productions. Any setup or layout is possible. We will be happy to show you the possibilities.

You will not be the first.

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Popular spaces.

The Muhammad
B.1, Popular //
Ground floor //
Up to 120 visitors
The Richard
Popular, B.1 //
Ground floor //
Up to 120 visitors
The Arianna
B.1 //
Ground floor //
Up to 12 visitors